This painting just about concludes the work for the next exhibition. Although it’s still a fair way off (starts 1 November at Seaview Gallery, Queenscliff) I need to allow that time for drying and varnishing.

WATCH this how to video of my latest landscape oil painting - Parading Poppies.

It includes a time-lapse of my painting process with written instructions on what I am doing and how I do it!

Hope this helps those looking to pick up the paint brush and start producing their own master piece!

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Another painting completed for the exhibition at Queenscliff.

This is Nadia, owner of Eagles Nest Gallery, and I in front of one of my paintings delivered today to the gallery. A beautiful spring day at Airey’s Inlet.

We have been working on a new time-lapse video of a recent oil painting!

It will be a video of me painting as well as guided narration’s of what is going through my head as I fill out the canvas, as well as the tools I am using!

Please let me know if you would like me to produce this sort of stuff by hitting like or sharing!

Thanks :)

This was the winner of the Cotemporary Art Prize awarded at Geelong Gallery last night. It’s a fairly prestigious prize with hundreds of entries. What do you think?

After the stress of the last painting, I decided on something fun. I loved painting this.